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Image by Emily Morter


Your Questions. Professional Answers.

1. What are original paintings?

Original paintings are done on the canvas boards, panels and on high quality papers.
Note: They are not printed works.


2. What are art prints?
They are the artworks printed on  high quality paper with careful attention to true color reproduction.

They come in various sizes, framed or unframed. Request must be placed accordingly.

3. What are Customized Portraits?

     (a) Pencil Portraits:  They are hand drawn on canvas paper. 

     (b) Digital Portraits: They are also hand drawn/painting digitally via computer/graphic tablets and stylus.

     (Frame : Both type of portraits  are available in framed and unframed, request must be placed accordingly)


4. What is Logo Designing?
Its about creating a perfect symbol, brand mark which suits your business, along with a tagline.


5. What is Website Designing?

We design a website for you based on your requirements, such as appearance, layout and other specifications.


6. What are posters?

They are prints that can be attached on any vertical surface, the art would vary from quotes, designs, artworks and more. Check the store for such posters

7.What are banners?
Basically a large poster, mainly to perform the task of advertisement services, to sell a product or provide services.

They are available in flex printing.

8. What are Custom Glass Carving/ Glass Designing?

Names  and designs are carved by hand on glass as per request received by you, for various names, occasions and events.

9. What are gift boxes?

     (a)Readymade: Consist pre made gift boxes by us, ready to be gifted.
     (b)Customized Giftbox: Gift boxes are prepared based on the products you want to pick and place  an order at               once for a gift box.


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